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When trying to ensure extra fire protection for e.g. wood / timber, particle boards and even metal (steel) surfaces a designer or person with the maintenance responsibility for a building such as a school, college, hotel or public building will be faced with the need to meet 2 main goals simultaneously. Firstly the appropriate building regulations will need to be satisfied to the right rating e.g. BS 476 parts 6 & 7 to Class 1 or Class 0 fire protection rating. Secondly the internal surfaces of the building will need to achieve visual / aesthetic consistency with the design themes of the building. This may require the use of coloured paints and intumescent varnishes. It is important therefore to find a range with enough choice in terms of colours and paint types which can provide the right levels of protection. Here are some examples.

Intumescent Coating for Timber / Timber Facings and Particle Boards

Broflame is an example of a thin white intumescent base coat that can be applied to new, previously painted surfaces (with the right surface preparation) and existing materials to provide Class 1 and Class 0 fire protection. In the event if a fire the intumescent element of the coating reacts to the heat by expanding and thereby insulating / protecting the substrate with carbon foam layer. It can be applied (using a brush or airless spray) to clean dry new and existing surfaces (where they’ve been rubbed down to provide a key). This base coat can then have any colour applied in the form of ‘Flameguard Topseal’.
Intumescent Varnish for Timber

Intulac is a system that uses 2 products (one on top of the other) to achieve Class 1 and Class 0 ratings. The system consists of:

1. A thin intumescent base coat – apply 2 coats of this with a brush roller or hot spray.
2. A clear top coat / overcoat of Intulac Top Coat Varnish.

Since intumescent coatings are damaged by water it needs to be applied to dry surfaces in conditions with low humidity and condensation levels. N.B. Avoid using thinners too with intumescent and flame retardant coatings.

Solvent Based Flame Retardant Top Coat Paint for Steel

The Flameguard range of paints can check and even prevent fire spread by releasing a non combustible gas when exposed to fire heat which blankets the flame itself. Not only can the Flameguard range therefore satisfy building regulations but there is also a wide choice of paint types and colours available. For example Eggshell, Undercoat, Gloss (and Water Based Gloss) and Water Based Acrylic Primer / Undercoat are available in BS4800, RAL 840HR and NCS 1&2 colour ranges.

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