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This Electrical Conduit has the same outer diameter as standard conduit, and can be connected with standard conduit couplers and forms part of a complete cable management system. The conduit is supplied in 300mm lengths that can be easily cut, which means that one length can often complete two installations.

This Electrical Conduit is easy to install and it is estimated to reduce typical installation time on traditional methods by as much as 66%. It can be fitted into pre-cast, core cut or other accurately produced openings using standard installation techniques, familiar to all site engineers. No additional fixing is necessary, although some installations may require the use of standard acrylic acoustic intumescent mastic. No metal components means that there is no need for any earth bonding.

Inspection is simple as the inner bore of the conduit is not filled with any other fire stopping material. This electrical conduit will provide unrivalled reliability for the life of the conduit system.

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The Range

Firebrake™ Electrical Conduit is available in attractive contractor packs that are ideal for keeping in the back of a van or, as a dispenser at the stockist so individual lengths can be purchased. The 20mm pack contains 42 lengths and the 25mm pack takes 26 lengths.
Putty Pads
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Flexible Electrical Conduit
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